A little about Estie

The story of Estie began from the birth of our daughter Esther, in late 2020. After what was a stupidly difficult year for everyone, it also gave us time to focus on what was important to us. We (Esther’s Ma and Pa) decided it was time to focus on our first business baby.

After a decade of working within design and buying for various companies, we were consistently wowed by the creativity coming out of the small brands around us. We want to be there to help them flourish in this world of mega brands and department stores. You can trust our selection of brands have been picked based on their quality, creativity and love of the product. Not to mention tried and tested by yours truly!

We have a soft spot for all things Australian designed and made. We don't mind the odd Scandinavian brand too, with Pappa being Swedish!

From specialty home wares through to apparel for women and their little ones, our focus is to create a beautifully curated selection of products for the modern family and home.