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Studio Milligram

Essential Oil Travel Candle Gift Set

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This Gift Set from Studio Milligram features two of their best-loved scents – the verdant Study of Trees, and bright florals of Native Botanicals. Study of Trees conjures the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests to aid sleep and relaxation, with notes of cedarwood, white cypress and vetiver, while Native Botanical draws on Australian flora like eucalyptus, tea tree and Tasmanian lavender for a nostalgic and zetsy fragrance that helps clear the mind.

Crafted with 100% essential oil blends, each Candle is designed to fill your space with an evocative, natural scent inspired by Australia's untamed landscape, as well as providing a range of benefits for mind and body. 

  • Set of 2 Travel Candles
  • 80g each
  • Each candle measures 54mm x 55mm (H)
  • Burn time 20-30 hours per candle
  • Made using 100% pure essential oil blend; borosilicate glass; soy wax blend.
  • Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Glass made in China.